Short Shorts Animation Contest

The overlords have spoken!

Below are the top ten animated shorts 

The Short Shorts Animation Contest was the first-ever video animation contest hosted by GoComics. Animators who entered their own 60-second or less video were eligible to win a grand prize! Congratulations to our winner, our finalists and semi-finalists for bringing life to your comics and smiles to our faces! 



"Pillow Talk"

by Joshua O. 

Want to know more about the winning video? Read the Q & A session with our winner here.



"Aged in The Wood" 

by Justin H. 

 The animated short discovers what woodland creatures do in retirement. Read more here.



"Understand THIS! A Buddy and Romeo Short" 

by Nathan J. D.

 The animated short explores the treacherous dating scene. Read more here.


Frogged - "Mondays"

by Reynaldo L.

The animated short proves that frogs hate Mondays, too.

Read more here.



"Clavis, the Locksmith"

by Suyoung J.

The animated short taps into that frustrating feeling of locking yourself out. Read more here.


"Beware of Dog" 

by Micah R. 

The animated short is only eight-seconds long, but has some bite to it! Read more here.


"A Warm Day"

by Sanghyun K. 



"Scary Story"

by Joseph P. 




by Raghav A. 



"Halo & Horns"

 by Jason L.